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Melbourne Insurance Brokers Limited
(collectively “MIB”)
Privacy Policy Statement (“Statement”)
萬邦保險經紀有限公司,私隱政策聲明 (「聲明」)

MIB always conducts business endeavours with truth, sincerity and fairness and is committed to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Hong Kong”)(Cap, 486 Laws of Hong Kong) (“Ordinance”) and all applicable data privacy laws in Hong Kong.
萬邦保險經紀有限公司向以真摯、誠懇及公正的態度發展業務,及承諾遵從香港特別行政區 (「香港」) 法例第 486章 {個人資料(私隱)條例} (香港法例第 486 章)(「條例」)之要求及所有適用於香港的資料私隱法例。

This Statement sets out how MIB may collect, use and disclose customers' personal data and data access and correction rights of the customers. This Statement applies to all products and services provided by MIB. This Statement contains both English and Chinese versions. In case of discrepancies between English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.
本聲明列載萬邦保險經紀有限公司如何向客戶收集、 使用、和披露客戶個人資料 以及客戶查閱及更改個人資料的權利。 本聲明適用於萬邦保險經紀有限公司提供的所有產品及服務。 本聲明提供中英文本, 中英文本如有歧異,概以英文本為準。

(A) Kinds of Personal Data to be collected and/or Held (收集和持有個人資料的種類) 
Personal data that MIB may collect and/or hold, for the purposes as stated in this Statement, comprises all the customer’s information, name, contact information (including but not limited to residential and correspondence address, phone number, fax number, email address), biographical information (including but not limited to date of birth, nationality, jurisdiction(s) of residence for tax purposes and tax identification number(s) in that jurisdiction(s), Hong Kong identity card or travel document number, gender, employment and occupation record, family and educational background, etc.), policy information (including but not limited to policy account value, sum assured, investment appetite and portfolio and experience, financial information and needs, etc.), transaction records, bank and credit card account information, medical and health data, and demographic information or identifier that held in a cookie or processor serial number that is combined with other personal information (collectively “Personal Data”)
萬邦保險經紀有限公司可收集和持有的個人資料包括全部客戶的資料、姓名、聯絡資料 (包括但不限於住宅和通訊地址、電話號碼、傳真號碼、電郵地址)、傳記資料 (包括但不限於出生日期、國藉、就稅務而言的居留司法管轄區及在該司法管轄區的稅務編號、香港身份證或旅遊證件號碼、性別、受僱和在職記錄、家庭和教育背景等)、保單資料 (包括但不限於保單帳戶價值、投保金額、投資取向和組合和經驗、財務資料和需要等)、交易記錄、銀行和信用卡賬戶資料、醫療和健康資料、以及有關客戶統計資料或於曲奇檔案之識別碼或處理器之序列碼連同其他個人資料 (統稱「個人資料」)。

(B) Purposes of collection, Use and Transfer of Personal Data (收集、使用及轉移個人資料之目的)
Personal Data may be collected and/or used by MIB and/or transferred to the entities or individuals as specifically mentioned in this Statement for the following purposes:

1. Processing applications for insurance products or services, as well as any changes, cancellations, renewals, reinstatements, and any other relevant matters;
  • 處理保險產品或服務的申請,以及有關該等產品或服務的變更、 取消、續期、復效及任何其他有關事宜;
2. Verifying the customers’ identities and eligibilities for insurance or financial products or services  and ensuring ongoing due diligence of the customers;
  • 核賓客戶身份及合資格的保險或金融產品或服務,並確保日後持續的客戶盡職審查;
3. Facilitating the daily operation of the insurance or financial or related services or products provided by MIB, including without limitation arranging insurance contracts, managing customers' accounts, monitoring sum assured, performing ongoing and future administration and assessment and underwriting any insurance policy handled by MIB;
  • 便利萬邦保險經紀有限公司所提供保險或金融或有關產品或服務之日常運作,包括但不限於安排保險合約、管理客戶賬戶、監控投保金額、持續及將來處理及評估及承保任何萬邦保險經紀有限公司所處理的保單.
4. Providing and designing any insurance or financial or related product or service;
  • 提供及設計任何保險或金融或有關的產品或服務
5. Enforcing the customers’ obligations under the insurance contracts including without limitation collection of insurance premiums and identification documents;
  • 執行保險合約內的客戶責任包括但不限於收取保費和身份識別文件;
6. Marketing insurance or financial product or service (including without limitation reward, loyalty or privileges programs or members' club) of MIB, or of any of  its parent companies,  subsidiaries, affiliates, related companies  or  group  companies,  or  partnering banking and/or financial services  providers  and  telecommunications   and  social  media  companies  or  entities,  by  mail,  fax,  electronic  mail  or  other  means  of communications, or telephone calls addressed to the customers, in respect of which MIB may or may not be remunerated (collectively “Direct  Marketing Purposes");
  • 藉郵遞、圖文傳真、電子郵件或其他相似的傳訊方法或電話通話推銷保險或金融產品或服務(包括但不限於萬邦保險經紀有限公司及任何其母公司、子公司、關聯公司、連繫公司、集團公司、銀行及/或金融服務供應商和電訊和社交嫖體公司或機構之合作夥伴之獎賞、優惠或會員計劃),不論萬邦保險經紀有限公司會否收取報酬 ( 統稱 「直接促銷用途」);
7. Processing (including but not limited to investigating and analyzing) any claim under any insurance policy handled by MIB and any credit, medical security and underwriting checks;
  • 處理 (包括但不限於調查及分析)就萬邦保險經紀有限公司所處理的任何保單的任何索價以及任何信貸、醫療保障及承保查證;
8. Matching Personal Data (including without limitation sum assured) to determine and recommend any insurance or financial or related products or services that may be of customers’ interest;
  • 把個人資料(包括但不限於投保金額)進行配對以考慮及建議客戶可感興趣的任何保險或金融或有關產品或服務;
9. Creating and maintaining MIB’s customer profile and segregation and business model and performing risk management;
  • 建立及維持萬邦保險經紀有限公司之客戶檔案及分類及業務營運模式,以及進行風險管理;
10. Complying with the compliance program and internal policies of MIB and with all laws, regulations, codes or guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities binding to MIB or its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, related companies or group companies;
  • 遵從萬邦保險經紀有限公司的合規程序及內部政策、以及由監管或其他機構所發出並為萬邦保險經紀有限公司及任何其母公司、子公司、關聯公司、連繫公司、集團公司所約束的所有法律、規例、守則或指引;
11. Meeting any disclosure requirements imposed by laws, regulations, codes or guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities on or binding to MIB, or of any of its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, related companies or group companies, or partnering banking and/or financial services providers and telecommunications and social media companies or entities;
  • 遵從任何法律或法規或監管或其他機構所發出的守則或指引規定或為萬邦保險經紀有限公司及任何其母公司、子公司、關聯公司、連繫公司、集團公司、銀行及/或金融服務供應商和電訊和社交媒體公司或機構之合作夥伴所約束的披露要求;
12. Comparing Personal Data of the customers and other individuals for de-duplication, sum assured monitoring credit checking, data verification or other producing or verifying data, whether or not for the purpose of taking adverse action against the customers;
  • 把客戶和其他人士的個人資料作比對以排除不適用資料、監控投保金額、進行信貸核實、資料驗證或提供或核對資料,不論是否藉此舉作出不利客戶的行動;
13. Maintaining a history of the customers (whether or not there exists any relationship between the customers and MIB) for present and future reference,
  • 維持客戶過往記錄(不論客戶跟萬邦保險經紀有限公司曾否建立任何關係)以作現在和未來參考之用;
14. Providing customer services (including but not limited to processing enquiries and complaints, performing policy review or needs analysis);
  • 提供客戶服務(包括但不眼於處理查詢及投訴、進行保單復審或財務分析);
15. Performing marketing research or survey or analysis or statistics which may be beneficial to the improvement of customer services and daily operation and provision of the insurance and financial and related products and services by MIB or of any of its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, related companies or group companies, or partnering banking and/or financial services providers and telecommunications and social media companies or entities;
  • 進行市場研究或調查或分析或統計以改善萬邦保險經紀有限公司及任何其母公司、子公司、關聯公司、連繫公司、集團公司、銀行及/或金融服務供應商和電訊和社交媒體公司或機構之合作夥伴所提供的保險和金融和有關產品和服務、客戶服務以及日常運作;
16. Communicating with the customers via telephone, mail, e-mail, facsimile or any other means of communications;
  • 透過電話、郵遞、電郵、傳真或其他任何通訊方法與客戶聯絡;
17. Evaluating the policy intended to be the subject of reinsurance by an actual or proposed reinsurer of MEL;
  • 讓萬邦實際或所建議的再承保公司評估可再承保之保單;
18. Conducting  medical or health reference checks;
  • 進行醫療或健康參考檢核;
19. Exercising any right of subrogation or any other right given to MIB under the insurance policies;
  • 行使保單賦予萬邦的任何代位權利或其他權利;
20. Preventing, detecting or reporting any crime or any fraudulent or dishonest behaviour, or any other purpose relating thereto;
  • 防止、偵測或舉報任何罪行或任何欺詐或不誠實的行為,以及其他有關的目的;
21. Enabling the industry association/federation to carry out its regulatory functions or such other functions that are required in the interest of the insurance industry or any members of the association / federation,
  • 促使行業協會/聯會執行其規管功能或促使維護保險業或任何協會/聯會會員利益之其他功能;
22. Managing reporting and potential withholding obligations in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in Hong Kong or an overseas jurisdiction;
  • 為著遵守香港或海外司法管轄區的適用法律法規所處理之申報及潛在預扣義務 ;
23. Other purposes as notified at the time of collection; and
  • 於個人資料收集時所知會的其他用途; 及
24. Fulfilling any other purposes directly related to (1) to (23) above.
  • 貫徹直接跟上述(1)至(23)頂有闋的其他目的。

It is necessary for the customers and other individuals (including without limitation the insured persons and beneficiaries) to supply MIB with Personal Data in connection with the purchase and continuation of the insurance policies with MIB, provision of insurance and financial services and compliance with any laws, regulations, codes or guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities by MIB. Personal Data are to be collected from customers in the ordinary course or during the continuation of the business relationship between the customers and MIB, for example, when the customers make any claims or change the personal particulars or beneficiaries under the insurance policies.
客戶和其他人士(包括但不限於受保人和受益人)有需要向萬邦保險經紀有限公司提供個人資料, 從而購買和維持保單、 致使萬邦保險經紀有限公司提供保險和金融服務、以及遵從監管或其他機構所發出的任何法律、 規例、守則 或指引。萬邦保險經紀有限公司會在與客戶維持正常業務關條的過程中 (例如當客戶就保單進行索價或更改個人資料或受益人) 向客戶收集個人資料。

Failure to supply such Personal Data may result in MIB being unable to offer or continue the insurance policies, provide insurance and financial products and services, continue the business relationship between the customers and MIB in the ordinary course, and comply with any laws, regulations, codes or guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities.

MIB shall not use Person Data, without relevant consents from the customers and relevant individuals, for any purpose other than the purposes as stated in this Statement

(C)Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data (個人資料之披露及轉移)
MIB undertakes to keep all Personal Data confidential, but MIB may provide any such Personal Data to the following parties (whether within or outside Hong Kong) (“Recipients”) for any of the purposes set out in this Statement:
萬邦保險經紀有限公司承諾把所有個人資料保密,唯萬邦保險經紀有限公司可能會把任何該等個人資料提供予下列各方 (不論在香港境內或境外)(「接受方」),以用作本聲明列出的任何用途:

1. Any parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, related companies or group companies of MIB;
  • 萬邦保險經紀有限公司之母公司、子公司、關聯公司、連繫公司、集團公司;
2. Product distributors, authorized agents, insurance companies and intermediaries of MIB;
  • 萬邦保險經紀有限公司之產品分銷商、授權代理、保險公司及中介人;
3. Partnering banking and/or financial services providers, telecommunications companies or entities, social media companies or entities of MIB;
  • 萬邦保險經紀有限公司之合作夥伴包括銀行及/或金融服務供應商和電訊和社交媒體公司或機構;
4. Call centres, mailing house, research house, data processing companies engaged by MIB;
  • 萬邦保險經紀有限公司所委託的呼叫中心、郵遞公司、研究調查公司、資料處理公司;
5. Debt collection agencies, credit reference agencies, any financial institution or credit / charge card issuer related to premium payment account engaged by MIB;
  • 萬邦保險經紀有限公司所委託的收數公司、信貸資料公司、保費支付賬戶相關之金融機構或信用/入賬卡發行人;
6. Professional advisors, reinsurance and claims investigation company, any loss adjusters, providers of risk intelligence engaged by MIB;
  • 萬邦保險經紀有限公司所委託的專業顧問、再承保和索償調查公司、任何理賠公証行、風險智能供應商;
7. Persons or entities which provides administration, operational, technical, data- processing, marketing and promotion, research, payment, printing, redemption, information technology, housing, mailing, and telecommunications, customer service, and reward, loyalty or privileges programs or club membership support to MIB;
  • 該等向萬邦保險經紀有限公司提供行政、營運、技術支援、資料處理、推廣宣傳及促銷、調查研究、支付款項、文件打印、禮物換領、資訊科技、網頁寄存、郵遞、電訊支援、客戶服務、及萬邦保險經紀有限公司之獎賞、優惠或會員計劃之支援的嚴務供應商;
8. Any relevant industry association or federation, and any member or committee of such association or federation, any governmental and judicial bodies, and tax authorities or regulators, any person to whom MIB or its parent companies, subsidiaries, affilates, related companies or group companies is required to transfer and make disclosure of the relevant Personal Data; and
  • 任何有關的行業協會或聯會、以及該等協會或聯會的會員或委員會、任何政府及司法機構及稅務機關、監管機構或其他機構所提出且萬邦保險經紀有限公司及其母公司、子公司、關聯公司、連繫公司、集團公司理應遵從的轉移及披露要求; 及
9. Other parties as notified to the customers at the time of collection.
  • 於個人資料收集時所知會的其他方。

Personal Data may be processed by, kept by, disclosed to, used by or transferred to Recipients in any country or place outside Hong Kong as MIB considers appropriate for any of the purposes as set out in this Statement, in respect of which MIB may or may not be remunerated. Such Personal Data may be processed, kept used or disclosed in accordance with local laws, regulations, codes, guidelines or practices including any governmental acts and orders in such county.

(D)Outsourcing Arrangements (外判安排)
Personal Data may be processed by MIB, its affiliates and third party service providers in Hong Kong and outside Hong Kong for any of the purposes set out in this Statement. To the extent that Personal Data is processed by an affiliate or third party service provider, MIB takes steps to procure that such affiliate or third party employs adequate information security measures to comply with the Ordinance and other applicable data privacy laws. Outsourcing arrangements are subject to due diligence and ongoing monitoring to ensure an adequately high standard of data privacy protection throughout the life of the outsourcing.

(E)Foreign Tax Reporting Obligation (外國稅務申報義務)
Under the laws, regulations and international agreements for the implementation of automatic exchange of financial account information ("AEOI”) and the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ("FATCA”), financial institutions are required to identity account holders (including certain policyholders and beneficiaries) and controlling persons of certain entity policyholder who are reportable foreign tax residents and report their Personal Data to the local tax authority where the financial institution operates or directly to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. The local tax authority will provide the Personal Data to the tax authority of the reportable foreign tax resident's country of tax residence on a regular, annual basis. Without limiting the generality of this Statement, MIB will use the Personal Data for the purposes of AEOI and FATCA The Personal Data may be transmitted by MIB to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department or any other relevant domestic or foreign tax authority for transfer to the tax authority of another jurisdiction. The Personal Data may be transmitted by MIB to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

(F)Retention of Personal Data (個人資料保存)
MIB takes all practicable steps to:
1. ensure the accuracy of Personal Data and to erase such Personal Data after fulfillment of the purposes as set out in this Statement;
  • 確保個人資料準確無誤,並於貫徹本聲明所列明的目的後刪除有關個人資料;
2. erase Personal Data no longer required for the purposes as set out in this Statement unless prohibited under any law or public interest requires otherwise;
  • 刪除沒需要用作貫徹本聲明所列明目的之有關個人資料,除非法律不容許有關刪除,或公眾利益另有規定;
3. ensure that Personal Data is protected against unauthorized or accidental access, processing, ensure, loss or use other than such purposes as set out in this Statement;
  • 確保個人資料受到保障而不受未獲准許的或意外的查閱、處理、刪除、喪失或使用,貫徹本聲明所列明的目的除外;
4. ensure that Personal Data will be kept in a secure manner and not be kept longer than necessary for the purposes as set out in this Statement;
  • 確保在保安良好的情況下儲存個人資料,而保存時間不超過將其保存以貫徹本聲明所列明的目前所需的時間;
5. comply with all the relevant requirement under the Ordinance.
  • 遵從條例之所有有關要求。

(G) Data Access and Correction (查閱及更改個人資料)
(a)In accordance with the Ordinance, any individual has the right to: (根據條例,任何人士有權):
1. check whether MIB holds Personal Data of such individual and, if so, has access to such Personal Data;
  • 查核萬邦保險經紀有限公司是否持有有關人士的個人資料; 如有,查閱該等個人資料;
2. quire MIB to correct Personal Data of such individual that is inaccurate; and
  • 要求萬邦保險經紀有限公司更改任何不正確的個人資料; 及
3. ascertain MIB's policies and practices in relation to Personal Data and to be informed of the kind of Personal Data held by MIB.
  • 考證萬邦保險經紀有限公司在個人資料方面的政策及實務,並獲告知萬邦保險經紀有限公司所持有閣下個人資料的種類。
(b) In accordance with the Ordinance, MIB has the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data request.
  • 根據條例,萬邦保險經紀有限公司有權就處理任何查閱個人資料要求收取合理費用。
(c) Any request for access to Personal Data or correction of Personal Data, or for information regarding policies and practices and kinds of Personal Data held can be addressed in writing to:
  • 就查閱或更改個人資料、索取有關政策及實務、以及所持有個人資料種類的要求,任何人士可向下列人士書面提出:
#The Data Privacy Officer
Melbourne Insurance Brokers Limited
Room 501, 5/F., Tower 1, Cheung Sha Wan Plaza, 833 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

(H) General Enquiries  (一般查詢)
If any individual has any questions concerning this Statement, or if the customer does not wish to receive any direct marketing promotions or offers from MIB, please contact The Data Privacy Officer of Melbourne Insurance Brokers Limited at the address stated in section (G)(c).